Transaction Processing

If you are not satisfied with your current payment processor due to its cost and security issues, and looking for a cost effective and reliable payment processing, then our Transaction Processing Services is definitely the optimal choice for you. Croem offers its customers a complete portfolio of services that simplify and automate payment operations.


If you are not interested in any online processing facilities and looking for a way to process your transactions on the go, than you can definitely try our IVR (Interactive Voice Response) based service.  Our IVR based transaction processing enables you to process transactions over the phone. Using our IVR service, you can:

  • Process transactions for anyone, from anywhere, at any time without the need to buy or lease any equipment. 
  • Reduce costs associated with hardware and equipment’s
  • Manage your payments on the go and increase your profits with just a click of a button!
  • To start accepting payments through IVR all you would need to do is, simply dial a toll free number and follow the IVR instructions to execute your transactions.

Web Service Interface

Merchants or other activities such as call centers that gather their own transactions data may submit transactions through our processing gateway using our HTP Post or Web service interface. However those merchants with a simpler in-house setting, we offer our secure page customized to blend with the merchant site. In that case the transaction data is collected, stored and processed at our secure facilities fully certified to be PCI/CISP compliant.

Virtual Terminal

For merchants who needs to process card-present transactions from his computer may use our virtual terminal site. This terminal converts a personal computer with an added card swipe into a full POS terminal. A company may opt to license this software to install it at their own facilities by purchasing our NeoePos(Beta) product.