Merchant Acquiring Management

If you are aiming to boost your business, you can give our Merchant Acquiring Management a try to provide your customers an easy and convenient way to pay for goods and services.
Whether you are managing a home based business online or you are running an enterprise from a fixed premises, our merchant acquiring service can enable your business to accept payments from anyone with a credit or debit card and help simplify your sales administration process.

The hardworking team at MetroPago put their best in creating our products effective and resourceful so that they can ensure maximum transaction success and global customer reach.
Our Merchant Acquiring Management system is divided in three separate modules:

  • Administrative Interface:

    The Administrative Interface enables the bank staff and administrators to create merchant accounts and analyze transactions activity. Keeping in mind all the possible risks and threats, our Merchant Acquiring Management system encompasses all the value added services that can reduce the possible threats.

  • Merchant Interface

    The Merchant Interface let the acquiring merchants handle the transaction processing. Using this interface, merchants can monitor the account activity as well as they can view various statistical reports of their customers.

  • Gateway

    Gateway is the real transaction processing engine. It handles multiple merchants to multiple processors using our self-developed technology that assigns the right amount of resources to issue responses with minimal transaction processing time. Our gateway uses several parallel processes that allow us to manage and analyze maximum transaction level risk in real time.