21 February, 2010

CROEM participates in town fair in Puerto Rico February 21, 2010

Every year a town fair is celebrated in the school that inspired CROEM’s name. Centro Residencial de Oportunidades Educativas de Mayaguez (CROEM). This year CROEM’s founders flew to the Caribbean island to participate in the festivities and support the alumni’s efforts to maintain alive the school’s tradition.

15 December, 2009

CROEM opened a software development center in the capital of Pakistan, Islamabad. The center employs local seasoned professionals experienced in the development of financial software using state of the art tools. The center will extend its operations to include call center operations to support the company’s products and services.

14 October, 2009

CROEM entered into a card transaction processing agreement with Valitor a company located at Reykjavic, Iceland. Valitor enjoys a leadership position in the processing of internet transactions. CROEM will be facilitating its administration facilities to Valitor. In addition, Valitor’s clients will be processing transactions thru CROEM’s authorization gateway.